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This genuine Matricom® G-BOX Midnight MX2 Google TV streaming player comes unprogrammed. For full programming see videos and tutorials and you can be programmed quickly and easily. When you purchase from, we will email you a list of all the GBOX Midnight MX2 sites on the web that will get you up and running in no time.


Product Description 

About G-Box™ Midnight MX2™:

The authentic GBOX Midnight MX2 by Matricom® brings high performance high-def streaming from the internet and local media to your TV. The powerful Amlogic A9 MX2 processor teamed with a dual-core Mali-400 3D graphics engine provides stellar performance for the Android® TV platform and high definition video playback.The Special Edition G BOX Midnight MX2 XBMC runs smoothly with 1080p hardware decoding from local media and your favorite XBMC streaming add-ons. Running on Android® 4.2.x Jellybean with the latest Google® Play Store installed opens up the world to install your favorite apps, browse the net, watch videos, connect GBOX Midnight MX2 to your social networks and more!




Automatic Online Updating:

The NEW GBOX Midnight MX2 has been developed to constantly update with the newest features available without requiring any technical skills. This is achieved by using OTA (Over-The-Air) technology to update the device’s software. This means you’ll spend time using the GBOX Midnight MX2 for it’s true purpose instead of trying to find combinations of firmware and apps to install to make your G BOX Midnight MX2 work properly.This is a big leap in Set-Top box technology towards total user-friendliness. So sit back, watch your favorite streams and use your favorite Android apps. You’ll be notified when an update is available and then you can choose to install it when you’re not busy enjoying your G-BOX Midnight MX2. 




GBox™ Midnight MX2™ Specifications:

* Amlogic A9 Dual Core Neon HD CPU
* Mali400 Dual Core High Performance 3D GPU
* 1GB RAM (DDR3)
* 8GB Total Internal Storage
* USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD FAT32 Format)
* SD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
* Network Media Play (NAS, SMB Up To 8GB)
* 802.11b/g/n internal Wifi
* HDMI v1.4 video output
* 10/100 Ethernet Port
* Coaxial SPDIF Digital Audio Output (Surround Sound)
* Composite Audio/Video Out
* 4x USB 2.0 Ports
* Android® 4.2.x Jelly Bean installed
* Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
* Google® TV Play Store installed
* Fully Rooted On Jellybean 4.2.2




You Won’t Find in Counterfeit Boxes

Thinking about buying a knock-off MX ? Think again! Clone boxes available from China, and other unauthorized sellers on the internet can not use the GenuineBrands® ScanProtect™ mark below and will not be running the same firmware as the authentic United States registered Matricom®. The GBOX unique software is tied to the specific hardware in the GBOX Midnight MX2 device and is not installable outside of the manufacturing process. We’re working hard to reduce counterfeits on the market an add value for our re-sellers, so that our customers know that they are purchasing an authentic Matricom® G-BOX Midnight MX2 device.



G BOX™ Midnight MX2™ Support:

This genuine G BOX™ MIDNIGHT MX2™ Android® TV device is manufactured by Matricom® and features a 1yr extensive device warranty. Support is available on-line through the G-Box Midnight MX2 community forum.

Our devices are honored by SquareTrade®, so you can get an additional 2 year Warranty for extra protection. Click SquareTrade® icon below page for information.

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Technical Support Number (321) 209-9222
















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